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Road transport

Cargo transportation services by road are considered the simplest, most convenient and popular mode of transportation. They do not depend on weather conditions like air transportation, on the schedule of customs or shipping, the cargo can be delivered to any distance. We are confident in this, since we have been providing logistics services to legal entities for more than 10 years and we know how to act so that your cargo arrives at its destination exactly at the agreed time!

Air cargo delivery

The pace of life often becomes so fast that the speed of any operations comes to the fore. This also applies to the transport of goods. And air freight is the fastest way to get anything anywhere in the world. So that you do not have to face difficulties in customs clearance, so that you do not worry about the safety of the cargo and its prompt delivery, please contact our multimodal logistics company! We offer favorable terms of cooperation for legal entities and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the joint work!

Delivery of consolidated cargoes

Groupage cargo transportation by road is a type of activity that requires careful study of the smallest details: a logistically verified route, the degree of cargo consolidation, the possibility of multimodal transportation, the possibility of repacking cargo, etc. The slightest disruption in the chain can lead to serious economic losses. You can entrust the transportation of groupage cargo only to companies that know exactly all the intricacies of the business process. The multimodal international logistics company TLGS has been successfully delivering groupage cargo for a long time.


Comprehensive cargo escort for companies oriented to the international market. The specialized export division of TLGS was created to work with Russian companies that export goods to any country in the world.

We export goods by road, rail, sea or air transport. We develop combined schemes, we always take into account the cost and delivery time of the cargo in the interests of the client. Depending on the nature of the cargo, we will provide transportation in specialized containers for oversized, heavy, liquid, perishable and dangerous goods.

The cost of transporting goods depends on several factors, among them the most important:

• country of delivery;

• kind of transport;

• route length;

• volume and type of cargo.

Customs clearance of goods during import and export

Everyone in the commodity business encounters problems with customs, so we decided to completely close this issue for our customers. Logistic Systems undertakes the full range of activities for customs clearance, registration of permits and accompanying documents.

• Representation of the client in the customs authorities;

• Payment of taxes, duties, fees;

• Analysis of documents for customs control;

• Execution of declarations DT, DTS, KTS;

• Definition of TN VED codes;

• Veterinary control;

• Phytosanitary control;

• Calculation of customs payments;

• Registration of goods at the destination;

• Customs clearance of export;

• Customs clearance of goods from Europe;

• Customs clearance of goods from China and Japan.

We pay special attention to legal and financial documents:

• Documents for the declarant;

• Permits for non-tariff regulation;

• Preparation of financial documents;

• Contract and passport of the completed transaction;

• Commodity-transport papers (invoice, CMR, TIR);

• Payment documents.